Tuition Assistance Information

Thanks to a grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation and funds raised from our annual, "When You Wish Upon a Star" fundraiser, we are able to offer tuition assistance to full time families enrolled in the Bethesda All Stars Child Care Center.  Every family who is eligible may apply; however, there is no guarantee that every family who applies will receive assistance.  If you wish to apply, please complete the application and return it to the center prior to the 15th of the month.   The All Stars Director will notify families of the assistance award or denial as soon as it is determined.  All information received is considered confidential and will only be viewed by members of the finance committee.

Tuition Assistance- BAS

The BAS board of directors has approved two programs that can assist individual families with the cost of tuition. The Tuition Assistance program will use family income to determine eligibility. The other program is available to parents that are members of Bethesda Lutheran Church and have children enrolled in the BAS.

  • To qualify for Tuition Assistance, family income must be verified to be within 200% of the Minnesota established poverty level income. The poverty level income amount is established by the State of Minnesota. This is normally done at the beginning of each year. If the state of Minnesota does not establish a new poverty level income at the beginning of the new year, the previously established poverty level income from the previous year will be used. 

  • If requested, Tuition Assistance may be considered for any family with children enrolled full time at the BAS child care center. For a family to qualify, all income, including income sources received in a divorce decree, will be considered. The income information will be collected by the BAS director.  The Tuition Assistance is based on a calculation made by the Director of BAS. This calculation considers family size and family income.  If the family qualifies at 100% of the established level, they will receive a 25% reduction in tuition. If the family qualifies at 200% of the poverty level, they can qualify for a 13% reduction in tuition. 


Tuition reduction will be available for the Bethesda Lutheran Church members who have children in the BAS Child Care Center at the level of 10% of the tuition that is due. However if the member of the church also qualifies for the regular tuition assistance program they must choose between the two assistance programs as they cannot participate in both programs simultaneously.

  • The family minimum tuition payable per month will be $50.00.


Qualifying families can receive up to $7,500 for their 3 and 4 year old children (prior to September 1st) to attend our 4 STAR Rated child care program. Applications can be attained at our child care center but need to be turned in to the Moorhead Child Care Aware office.

We are proud to have given out over $17,000 to our families.

Tuition Assistance Application