Parent Testimonials

"In addition to being licensed professionals, BAS teachers are warm and welcoming and genuinely kind to all of the children. The teacher assistants are wonderful too! They get to know each child and each child's parents, as well. My daughter loves being in preschool at BAS, and once she starts kindergarten, I plan to keep her there for the before and after-school programs. When I drop her off in the morning, I go to work and never worry about how she is being cared for; that's worth everything to any working mother.

My child is safe and well-cared for, and she is learning so much more than I ever expected from a preschool prograqm! At age 3, she actually came home one day and told me what a parallelogram is. ( I didn't even know she could say that word!) This afternoon, she was reciting the alphabet in sign language.

Julia loves her teachers; she gives them good-bye hugs every afternoon and is happy to see them every morning. She loves the playtime and the learning time, as well. She says she has "happy teachers"!"

Josie and Timothy, parents to Julia, age 4, Moorhead, MN.


"Some of the services that the Bethesda All Stars offers are unique and very beneficial. Our son has benefitted from having piano lessons on site, taking swimming lessons with the other BAS kids, and receiving home work help from the teachers. The homework help is especially beneficial to our whole family.

We really value the teachers. They are loving, caring, and focused on each child's unique strengths and challenges. We know that he is in good hands at Bethesda All Stars, and that is the most important thing to us as parents.

Our son loves the environment at Bethesda All Stars. There are some days that he does not want to go home because he is having too much fun with his friends and teachers."

Brent and Angela, parents to Owen, age 8, Moorhead, MN.