Meet the Staff

The Bethesda All Stars Childcare Center is staffed by a director and 4 lead teachers.  The director and lead teachers are required to have experience and education which meets the MN Department of Human Services licensing requirements.  Each year the director and teaching staff are required by state law to participate in relevant training equal to one to two percent of annual hours worked (up to approximately 42 hours).  BAS provides on-going comprehensive staff development opportunities including monthly staff meetings.  All licensed staff are CPR and 1st Aid certified.  The staff is committed to giving your child the best educational experience while still having a fantastic time being a kid.  

The Director is Kari Penas.  Kari has an Early Childhood Degree from MSUM, Moorhead.  She has over 25 years of child care experience in a variety of child care settings. Kari has been with the All Stars since its inception in 2006.

Lead Preschool Teacher is Paige Beneke.  Paige holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development and Family Science from NDSU. Paige joined the All Stars in April 2013. 

Lead School Preschool Teacher is Megan Kramer. Megan has a Child Development Associate Degree.  Megan has been with the All Stars since May 2007.

Lead School Aged Teacher is Clarine Nelson. Clarine has a science teaching degree. Clarine joined the All Stars November 2017.

Morning Preschool and afternoon Lead Teacher is Danielle Goraczkowski. Danielle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University. Danielle joined the All Stars in July 2019.

Kari Penas

Paige Johnson

   Megan Wiedmeier  

              Kari Penas                             Paige Beneke                         Megan Kramer                            Clarine Nelson