The Bethesda All Stars School Aged Child Care

Bethesda All Star’s school age program is for children 5 through 12 years of age(kindergarten through 4th grade for the school days and 5th grade on no school days and summer). We incorporate hands on exploration of weekly themes while incorporating a focus on team work and social skills. At Bethesda All Stars we feel developmentally appropriate activities, on site visits, field trips providing real life experiences, service learning projects, and chapel are an important aspect of the children’s development and growth.  

 All Stars staff values each child as an individual. We work hard to incorporate the children’s suggestions into the program. Children are encouraged to take leadership of activities to build confidence, self esteem and ownership of the program. Children are encouraged to speak for themselves while staff help facilitate children to express their opinions and suggestions in a positive manner.  

Throughout the school year children are provided time to do their homework with assistance from staff as needed.  Snack is provided at the time of arrival, followed by whole group activities relating to the weekly theme. Children then participate in a whole/small group physical fitness activities followed by free play for the final hour that the center is open.  While structure is a vital aspect of our program we realize the importance of being flexible in order to provide the best environment and experiences for the children.  

The summer schedule has a more laid back feeling. While still providing structure and a variety of learning opportunities for the children. Our summer is full with action packed activities from swimming lessons, trips to the library, tours of neighborhood businesses among other activities. Youth are encouraged to continue to dig into books and stay active throughout the summer. Again, weekly themes are planned and help direct the activities that occur throughout the week.

The Bethesda All Stars is on the bus route for Reinertsen Elementary in South Moorhead.  For more information about Moorhead Schools: