The Bethesda "Little Stars" Preschool

The Bethesda All Stars Preschool Program, lovingly referred to as the “Little Stars” is dedicated to working together with your family to prepare your child for kindergarten.  Our teacher’s use the Creative Curriculum which is a theme based curriculum. Themes are determined based on the interest and needs of the children. Through this curriculum, the teacher plans lessons covering academic, social, and motor skills.

We believe that there are a variety of skills that preschool children need to develop before entering school and we incorporate them into our everyday planning.  First of all, we build an enthusiasm for learning by keeping it fun and playful. We turn everyday moments into learning opportunities, following the lead of the curious child.  We teach our children independence.  Through repetition and routine children are able to master many skills. Social skills are particularly important for preschool children. We practice sharing, turn taking, and problem solving. In addition, we work on manners and building empathy between children. We want to help children understand how others feel so they grow to be kind and caring friends.

Secondly, we work on building strong language skills. Children are natural sponges and they soak up everything they hear and see. If you give them valuable opportunities to learn, they will do so naturally.  “Research shows that one of the best predictors of later reading success is a well-developed oral vocabulary in kindergarten. PreK kids are learning vocabulary at the rate of five to six words a day, says Waite-Stupiansky. It's just amazing how they will retain words if you use them several times in context and conversation."

Our children leave our preschool program ready for Kindergarten!


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