Sample menu - breakfast and snack will follow this menu, lunch changes month to month

SnackCinnamon Bread and milk Mixed crackers and cherry juicemini carrots w/ ranch, wheat thins and water Cold Cereal and milkTortilla chips, salsa, and apple juice
LunchMeatballs with sweet and sour sauce, peas and carrots, pineapple, bread, milkChicken taco casserole, mexi blend corn, peaches, soft shell tortilla, milkHamburger on a bun, lettuce, diced pears, milkScalloped potatoes, ham, california blend veggies, banana, bread, milkLasagna casserole, diced carrots, tropical blend fruit, breadstick, milk
Week 2
BreakfastChex cereal, Milk, fruit punch Juice  Toast, Milk,fruit cocktail Cheerios, Milk, pearsWaffles, Milk, Applesauce Life Cereal, Milk, mandarin oranges


Goldfish crackers and milk Ritz crackers and fruit punch juiceWhole Grain tortilla with shredded cheddar cheese saltines, string cheese and water Pretzels, ranch, clear grape  juice



Meatballs, brown rice, broccoli, pineapple, milk      Cowboy Casserole, capri blend veggies, tropical fruit blend, milkChicken patty on a bun, lettuce, apple, milkBeef Rice hotdish, corn, banana, bread, milkHomemade spaghettios, italian veggies, pears, breadstick, milk
 Week 3
 Breakfast Toast, Milk, mandarin oranges Kix cereal, milk, cherry juiceChex cereal,  milk, pears Cheerios, milk, fruit punch juice Waffles, milk, applesauce
 SnackChicken in a Biscuit and milk Vanilla Wafers and milk Graham crackers and fruit punch  juice Cinnamon bread and milk Cheez-Its and white grape juice
 LunchBBQ chicken on bun, peas and carrots, pears, milkhomemade spaghettios, greenbeans, peaches, and breadstickPepperoni pizza casserole, mixed veggies, mandarin oranges, bread, milkChicken patty on a bun, carrots, banana, milkBeefy macaroni, capri blend veggies, apple, milk
 Week 4
 Breakfast Life cereal, milk, white grape juice Toast, milk, pears Kix cereal, milk, mandarin oranges Cheerios, milk, applesauce Cinnamon toast crunch, milk, cherry juice
 SnackRitz crackers, apple juice English muffin, cheese slice, milk Gogurt and apple juiceClub crackers, cherry juiceGoldfish crackers and milk
LunchBBQ rib patty on bun, mixed veggies, peaches, milkMac and cheese with diced ham, greeen beans, fresh pears, milkSloppy jo on a bun, broccoli, fruit cocktail, milkChicken noodle hotdish, diced carrots, bananas, bread, milkTator tot hotdish, california blend veggies, orange, roll, milk