Bethesda All Stars Tuition and Fees - 2019


Registration fees are paid at time of enrollment and if there is a break in enrollment.  

The first child in the family is $30 and 2 or more children are $50.  


A non refundable deposit of $200 is due one month prior to full timechild care service beginning. The full amount will be taken off of your first month's tuition. Should you choose not to attend our center, the $200 will be forfeited. There is no deposit for morning only preschool.


  • Full day preschool – year round $175/week ($35/day)
  • 2 day a week morning preschool (7:45-noon) $160/month following Moorhead School Calendar
  • 3 day a week morning preschool ( 7:45-noon) $185/month following Moorhead School Calendar
  • 4 day a week morning preschool (7:45-noon) $210/month following the Moorhead School Calendar
  • 5 day a week morning preschool (7:45-noon) $235/month following the Moorhead School Calendar
  • School age school days– school year $92.50/week ($18.50/day)
  • School age – summer and school vacation days $160/week ($32/day)

A 10% scholarship is available to members of Bethesda Lutheran Church.   Tuition assistance is also available to all full time, qualified, families as we have funds available. Bethesda Lutheran Church families may use only the 10% scholarship or the tuition assistance, not both.

Tuition is billed at the beginning of the month for that month.  Tuition is due no later than the 7th of each month.  Late tuition will be billed an additional $25 for late fees.

Full time preschool and school age rates are effective January 1, 2019, morning preschool rates are effective September 1, 2019.