About us

The children at the Bethesda Childcare Center and Preschool are known as the “All Stars”.  They are some of the bright “stars” of the mission and ministry of Bethesda Lutheran Church.  The childcare center is a 501c3 nonprofit under the Bethesda Lutheran Church.

Who we serve

 We are licensed by the MN Department of Human Services, Department of Children, Families, and Learning under MN statutes, Rule 3.  We are licensed for a combination of 46 school aged (kindregarten through 4th grade) and preschool children.  The total numbers are dependant on staffing and licensed room space. 5th grade sstudents may attend on school vacation and summer days.

What we offer 

Every child needs something different from a childcare center.  Some children need a lot of structure while others just need time to play and interact with other children and teachers.  Older children may need a place to work on homework with a little help.  We try to provide for the many needs of all our children. 

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